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Mystic, CT.
Silver Jewelry


Our Mission

"A Consulting Firm for Silver Jewelry Companies
A Guide for Connecticut Tourist Organizations"

A recent issue of Harvard Business Review© is entitled, “Change or Die.”

If that didn’t get your attention, here’s another title from a well-known economic journal: “Change or Die…..Slowly.

I’m not sure which got your attention but, for the top executive, the message is clear; effective management is as important as product designing, market strategy or customer surveys. What these articles imply is we all need executive skill and leadership to guide our firms to success. There is no point to cling to a mediocre past.

If technology, (yikes!), hasn’t trimmed your bottom line, or your competitors haven’t been pilfering customers, you’re either a skillful executive or you need a crash course in managing the changes in your competitive landscape.

That’s where we come in.

Brassem Global Consulting, (generally known as BGC), is a leading provider of professional services to retail, wholesale and distribution companies across the globe. Our clients include jewelry internet marketers, jewelry brand companies, direct sales firms, jewelry manufacturers and luxury retailers.

BCG offers jewelry-tailored consulting services such as retail operating improvement, social networking programs,M&A, merchandising, pricing, supply chain optimization, global sourcing and technology integration.

We’ve been helping top executives solve problems and capitalize on opportunities for years.

Some of the clients we have guided:

  • Assisted domestic and foreign silver retailers in branding strategies
  • Designed profitability studies for museums in Connecticut
  • Designed a channel strategy for a gold jewelry manufacturer
  • Completed a jewelry company audit for a NYC-based Hedge Fund.
  • Sought growth financing for a Luxury retail chain.
  • Planned an acquisition strategy for a foreign jewelry wholesaler.
  • Assisted a jewelry chain in reducing excess inventory.

Simply, our goals are to help you:

  • Increase – or return – to profitability
  • Open new consumer channels
  • Acquire a domestic competitor or foreign manufacturer
  • Learn new and tested analytical management techniques used by leading companies
  • Find suitable Merger and Acquisition candidates.
  • Develop alliances with complementary global organizations.

BGC is uniquely positioned to play an important role in reaching your goals quickly and efficiently. We are among the most successful – and most effective -- ‘big-picture’ jewelry and museum consulting firms in the US.

We look forward to talking to you.

"Let's not be too particular. It is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all"
----- Mark Twain