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"Thanks for the professional analysis of the US Home-Shopping-Network industry."
--Senior Partner, Wall Street Investment Bank

Tools We Use

  • Analytics
  • Change Management
  • Market Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Sales Management
  • Global Sourcing
  • Innovative Management
  • Global Alliances
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Branding
  • Organizational Development
  • Customer Surveys
  • Traffic Builders
  • Business Plans
  • Fund Raising
  • Organizational Innovation

Silver Jewelry Sourcing Experience In:

  • Europe
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Canada
  • Africa
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Israel

Who We Are
and What We Do

Brassem Global Consulting is a leading provider of professional services to luxury and tourism retail, wholesale and distribution companies across the US and the world.

Our clients include manufacturers, Wall Street Hedge Funds, retail chain stores, luxury retailers and tourist organizations with operations that cut across all channels including stores/facilities, internet and catalog.

Through our in-house expertise -- and our access to vast professional and professorial talent -- BGC offers tailored consulting services in business strategy, operations, performance improvement, supply chain organization, (sourcing), alliance development and an entire array of performance enhancement.

Our team brings a deep jewelry and tourism experience and a rigorous analytical mindset to our clients’ most complex – or sometimes most straightforward – business problems.

Due to the demand on our services, we have divided our services into two divisions.

• Jewelry Division: Retail and/or manufacturing companies in the jewelry field

• Connecticut Tourism: Connecticut-based firms in the tourism industry.

Jewelry Division. Jewelry Division. We have combined our deep jewelry industry experiences with our capability to help international jewelry clients address complex jewelry issues. Our customers depend on us for straightforward and effective advice that generally leads to solving their marketing, sourcing and growth concerns.

Mark Twain House

We understand – through 35+ years of operational experience -- the unique and confusing issues facing jewelry companies today, such as eroding sales, growing competition and insufficient margin. We attack these problems using our background in designing competitive strategies, creating new market channels and even developing innovative global alliances and mergers. Many international jewelry firms approach BGC about assisting them in penetrating the difficult but inviting US jewelry market.
On the other hand, many US company ask us to assist them in developing supply chain (sourcing) contacts overseas

Mark Twain House
The world-famous Mark Twain House and Museum was one of the Tourist Division’s first clients.

Tourism Division. Executable strategies require fusing insightful thinking with disciplined execution to achieve breakthrough performance. Today, senior executives in the Connecticut tourism industry grapple with the problems facing most tourism companies, namely maintaining profitable growth, managing overhead and intelligently navigating risk. They also require bridging the gap between vision and execution.

Our Strategy and Operations teams bring industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to our clients' most complex tourism problems.

Our operational experience reflects the unique issues facing many tourism organizations today such as cash availability, membership, public relations and attendance. Our team delivers the latest analytical thinking and innovative techniques in solving these difficult problems.

Please contact us today, if we can assist you in any of these areas.

"Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but lightening does all the work"
----- Mark Twain