"BGC introduced me to a Chinese factory who designed our exclusive brand for us."
-- Jewelry Brand Designer

"A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shinning and wants it back the minute it begins to rain"
---Mark Twain

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Paragon Lake to host free Webinar on Nov. 9
November 02, 2009

Lexington, Mass.--Paragon Lake, creator of the Virtual Display Case, will present a one-hour Webinar on Nov. 9 to help identify how technology can help retail jewelry sales.

Titled "Can Technology Help Jewelry Sales? What's In-Store for Stores!", the Webinar will be lead by Paragon Lake Founder and President Matt Lauzon, Diamond Council of America President and Chief Executive Officer Terry Chandler and Jan Brassem, managing director of Brassem Global Consulting and a contributor to National Jeweler.

Attendees will include retail jewelry storeowners and sales associates, industry analysts, members of the media, technology providers and jewelry designers.

"Technology has emerged today as a strong component in turning jewelry shoppers into buyers. By leveraging technology correctly, jewelry retailers can create significant sales opportunities and those wow moments that shoppers are continuously searching for," Lauzon said in a media release.

The free Webinar, to be held from 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. EST, will be presented with audio narration and PowerPoint slides.


August 30, 2009 -- Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell (R) discussed her experiences as a female leader and had some important advice for the students.

As a guest of Jan Brassem, Managing Director of BGC, Rell admitted that she was “scared to death” when she first ran for public office. She was concerned about how she would manage her roles as a wife, mother and government official. But Rell said facing one’s fear is the first step toward assuming a leadership role.

“Face it and face it head on. The worst thing that could happen is you fail, and then you start over again.” Gov. Rell also shared the lessons she learned from her mentor, the late State Representative Richard Belden: do the right thing, learn the rules, and be fair.

Rell urged the students to listen to their colleagues. “A lot of leadership skills come from listening, which is the most important,” said the governor. “And compromise. A good idea, no matter who it comes from, is a good idea.”

Gov. Rell has a long history of leadership and involvement with the University of Hartford. Most recently, she led state efforts to provide the University with a $4 million grant for the soon-to-open Mort and Irma Handel Performing Arts Center. In 2001, the University recognized Rell’s leadership and commitment to public service by presenting her with an honorary Doctor of Laws.


Hartford, Ct., July 15, 2009 --Brassem Global Consulting, LLC (“BGC”) announced today the results of its Young Adult Silver Jewelry Survey. The survey queried junior high school, high school and college students (females, ages 16 through 23) on their level of attraction to silver jewelry. The survey also attempted to discover what average price-point they were willing to pay; what jewelry type they preferred and what advertising media affected their purchase decision.

When tabulated, answers to fifteen of the survey’s 55 questions were surprising, or at least, raised some eyebrows. Another ten created a need for further testing or analysis. For example, 72.2% of the teenagers surveyed indicated they used their friends or the Internet as the main source affecting their silver jewelry buying decision. It is assumed this answer would require additional research.

Another surprising result was that $50 was the (average) purchase price for silver jewelry for high school aged students but was lower for college students. Junior high school students were familiar with silver jewelry prices. It was of no surprise earrings and pendants were the favorite type of silver jewelry, regardless of age.

“When it came to popularity,” explained Jan Brassem, the firm’s Managing Director, “68.3% of female high school age students preferred silver while only 15.1% preferred gold. Surprisingly, only 50.9% of college age student preferred silver jewelry, 25% less than high school students.”

The survey provided additional valuable information. The survey indicated the Internet and social pressure played an important role in the purchase decision, especially with high school aged students.

Brassem Global Consulting, LLC is a leading firm with the stated mission to assist jewelry and watch firms maximize their potential through strategic sourcing and mergers and acquisitions. BGC (as the firm is known) is based in Connecticut.

For further survey information, please contact Karen Tietjen at (Karen@BrassemGlobalConsulting.com).