"Through BGC efforts, we were able to analyze several US retailers which led to an immediate US presence."
-- CFO, Asian Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

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Recent Projects

Here are a few of the recent projects finalized by Brassem Global Consulting, (BGC). These represent but a few of the completed – and currently in progress – assignments.

It is important to stress that the names and location of these firms have been kept strictly confidential.

A Small Jewelry Retail Chain
Tasks BGC to Seek Private Expansion Funding

In February, 2010, Seeing a significant growth opportunity driven by its exceptional product category and mall position, Brassem Global Consulting, (also known as BGC), was assigned the task of seeking equity capital -- in the range of $2.86 million -- for a mall-based jewelry chain store. The assignment was not without challenges.

Brand Development
  • • The management was relatively weak and required significant restructuring and reorganization
  • • Financial controls were poor and inaccurate. BGC established daily comprehensive financial and operating control systems
  • • Merchandising was inadequate. A merchandising calendar was designed and implemented

The company is presently negotiating with three equity-based investing companies.

BGC Advises Thai Companies on
Accelerating Jewelry Sales and Profitability

The US State Department, through the world famous Young Presidents Association, (YPO), requested Brassem Global Consulting, (BGC), to join a panel of US business leaders, with the Mission to accelerate the growth of selected Thai industries in the US.

Thai Mgt.

BGC, represented by Jan Brassem, was chosen for its expertise in jewelry marketing and manufacturing.

The Trade Mission traveled to five cities across Thailand for series of conferences and strategy sessions over a two-week period.

Each US executive worked with Thai executives within his/her specific industry to discuss and design market strategies to penetrate the US market. BGC worked with 32 Thai silver jewelry firms.

BGC Advises Wall Street Hedge Fund
on Jewelry Retail Segment

In December, 2008, A leading Wall Street hedge fund contracted Brassem Global Consulting to analyze the future profitability of a shop-at-home jewelry TV network. The project took four weeks to complete.

Wall Street

BGC used trade, public financial records, confidential interviews, competitive conditions, supplier data, industry forecasts, team experience and mathematical modeling to reach a recommendation.

BGC uncovered numerous inconsistencies that could eventually restrict the networks growth.

The fund decided not to take a long – or short -- position in the firm.

A US-Based Jewelry Retailer Contracted
BGC to Assist in Sourcing their Brand
in Asia and other Countries

In March, 2010, A US-based branded silver and gold jewelry company contracted Brassem Global Consulting to source its proprietary line in China and other countries.

Within eight weeks, after tight quality control and legal non-compete requirements were established, the brand was rolled out nationally.

Brand Development

The brand was/is designed and manufactured (on a subcontract basis) in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali, Mexico, Canada and India.

The average gross profit saving, after shipping, duty, packaging and handling, was 31.1%.

The average gross profit saving, after shipping, duty, packaging and handling, was 33.3%.

BGC Performs MMA Survey© (Acquisitions Audit)


In February 2009, Brassem Global Consulting was contracted to perform a survey of the management, manufacturing and administrative (MMA Survey ©) of a NYC based jewelry operation.

After interviews, computer modeling, time/motion analysis, reputation review, inventory control, competitive forecasts and detailed copyrighted analytics, the recommendation was presented to the client. The survey was completed in 35 working days.

BGC Advises A Swiss/Turkish Silver Jewelry
Manufacturer in Penetrating the US Market

In January, 2010, A Turkish silver jewelry manufacturer -- with a wholesale operation in Switzerland – tasked BGC to guide the firm in effectively -- and with a limited budget – in entering the US market.


After careful price-point and style analysis, distribution strength, time and profit criteria a workable Plan was delivered to the customer. Although the Plan differed considerably from the customer’s preconceived analysis, the Plan was adopted and is currently being implemented. It is too early to gauge results.