"Thanks to BGC, we were able to acquire a US jewelry manufacturer"
-- Foreign Jewelry Owner

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Mergers & Acquisitions

The synergy, (2+2=5), of Mergers & Acquisitions can offer your firm a long list of benefits.

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1. Strategic diversification, (acquire complementary products or services)

2. New technology or innovation, (acquire new ways of doing things)

3. The opportunity to sell your firm for retirement, (cash out after a lifetime of work)

4. Sales and/or profit growth, (add new sales and profits)

5. Expand globally, (enter foreign markets)

We are experienced in -- and understand -- the delicate aspects of the necessary confidentiality, implementation, structure and financial consideration of any jewelry merger, acquisition, divestiture or inventory reduction.

The BGC team has over 30+ years of experience in working with jewelry or watch companies through the difficult – but not impossible – path to ‘completing the deal.’

Contact us when you are seeking a partner -- or they are seeking you.

We Believe in Global Marketing

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The international marketing manager’s task is complex. He or she must frequently plan and control a variety of marketing strategies – rather than one – in an effort to increase the company’s sales and profits overseas.

Today, social trends and technology wash across continents – as well as countries. From a sales and profit standpoint, word-of-mouth marketing still works best. Cultural differences have been diluted and mobile socializing media has grown in importance.

Technology has dramatically changed the global marketplace. Computers, cell phones and ipods have established a market presence globally.

We are at the forefront in this global jewelry scene and will transfer this experience, training and knowledge so you can expand your business in the US and in other parts of the world.

Let us help you grow your company soon.


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It can be especially challenging to negotiate with a foreign supplier or agency, especially through an interpreter.

BGC has an inherent understanding of the nuances of cultural, language and legal disparities.

BGC can – and frequently does -- negotiate on their clients behalf, saving cost, shipment delay and confusion.

Sourcing Missions

Globalization, shrinking margins, the internet, fierce competition has encouraged many jewelry store owners to look beyond the US border for growth and profitability.

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Brassem Global Consulting, LLC has frequent Buying (Sourcing) Missions to jewelry centers in China, Bangkok, Indonesia, India and Italy.

The Mission guides members through the maze of available jewelry styles, stones, quality and tastes. In addition, they work with the members in dealing with the intricacies of international languages, on-time delivery, sample design, invoice wording, customs duties and brokerage, shippers and payment terms.