"Thanks to the work done by BGC, we were able to expand our US sales by 43% within two years."
-- President, Swiss silver jewelry distributor

Our Team

Managing Director

brassemhead Mr. Brassem is a recognized jewelry/watch-industry leader in such areas as leadership, strategic planning, brand development, sourcing and mergers & acquisitions.

Before becoming Managing Director of Brassem Global Consulting, LLC, he designed and launched a ‘killer’ silver jewelry and watch brand. The brand became nationally recognized and ultimately sold to foreign interests.

Previously, via LBO, Mr. Brassem acquired a $15 million, 150-man jewelry manufacturer, marketing and selling private label gold and diamond jewelry to classic retail channels, such as chain stores, major discounters and distributors.

He is a frequent lecturer at US Universities -- on advanced management, international business and leadership -- most recently at University of Hartford, (Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell was a recent guest speaker) and Central Connecticut State University.

His popular articles and columns written for international business publications deal, in part, with executive jewelry topics such as market strategy, planning, sourcing and cross national mergers and acquisitions.

His observations make him one of the most qualified top executives to observe trends in the global jewelry scene. He is a contributor on the jewelry industry for the FOX Business Network and an active jewelry blogger.

Mr. Brassem has earned his International Business MBA (with Award) from NYU’s Stern Graduate School of Business Administration. He has earned a financial management certificate on venture capital investing from The National Venture Capital Association at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Business Administration.

Administrative Director

Karen Tietjen, Director of Administration, is a recognized leader in the management and administration of dynamic and growing organizations. She has considerable management experience in large and moderate sized organizations where detail and on-time delivery was a key factor of the organization’s – and customers -- success. She works closely with client accounts and is an expert in product and consumer research.

Director of Marketing

John Osterbek is a nationally recognized leader in the merger and acquisitions of small and medium sized companies. He is a graduate of Wells College and has an MBA from the London School of Economics. He has led the ‘roll-up’ program (one of his specialties) for several small retailers which resulted in dramatic external growth. Most recently he led a roll up program – including obtaining equity financing -- for a silver jewelry retailer.

He is involved in several trade and professional organizations, most recently as a Vice president of The Mergers & acquisitions Association. He has written articles for several M&A publications, most recently for M&A Journal.


Abigail Rostelli, Managing Director -- Sourcing, is a graduate of Underhill University and has an MBA from Oxford University (Canada) where she majored in Supply Chain Management. She has become a specialist in corporate sourcing and has advised the United Nations on global and cross-cultural supply issues. She has consulted with several Asian jewelry manufacturers on meeting the requirements of foreign buyers.

She has received numerous awards and honors, including Supply Magazine’s Top Manager of the Year and elected to The Female Leadership Council of North America.